IoT with a few less steps

We make it easy for you to see and control all the data coming from your IoT devices

The features of Automatus


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Monitor your IoT devices to gain an invaluable look in to what is happening in your fleet of devices and set up notifications to keep everyone on your team up to date

Device side variables

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Set up custom methods on your devices that are triggered by variable changes that you can send from anywhere in the world

Software updates with OTA

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Update you devices root file system remotely and securely


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Our system offers secure MQTT connections for increased security of your data

All your devices supported

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Our system supports all major IoT platforms by providing libraries for easy integration with it

Where we stand and where we plan to go

At Automatus, we believe in making life easier and more efficient through technology. That’s why we started our SaaS solution for managing IoT devices. It all began as an idea in the summer of 2021, and since then we have been working hard to perfect it and bring it to the market. We are excited to share our product with the world and help people better manage their homes and businesses. With Automatus, you can easily monitor various sensors, i.e. temperature and CO2 levels, ensuring that your space is always safe and comfortable. Try it out today and experience the benefits of smart technology!

Jul, 2021


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April, 2022

Base feature set of API and app ready

Base feature set of API and app ready image

Jun, 2022

3rd party authentication and improved search

3rd party authentication and improved search image

Sep, 2022

Integrated webhooks, websockets and data formatting

Integrated webhooks, websockets and data formatting image

Dec, 2022


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Q1 2023

Data visualization

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Q2 2023

Data analysis

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The creators

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Reinholds Zviedris



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Ivars Tiltiņš

Full-stack developer


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Jēkabs Zariņš

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